Pure Sangiovese

The name Gessale derives from the union between “Gesso” (chalk) and “sale”(salt): emerging chalk deposits are clearly evident in the soil where is the vineyard, and this contributes to the mineral “salty” notes of our wines.

100% Sangiovese grapes, early harvested , few days before the full ripening, to preserve its freshness.
The winemaking takes place in steel tanks, at a controlled temperature, on yeasts until bottling.

  • Grapes

    Sangiovese in Purity

  • Colour

    Soft pink

  • Smell

    Free hints of white fruit, with a balsamic note and light pepper on the finish

  • Matching

    Cured ham and medium-seasoned cheese; shellfish and tempura

  • Refinement

    Stainless steel, for 6 months on its fermentation lees

  • Taste

    Freshness and long tasting sapidity stand out, making this wine highly drinkable and gastronomic

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