the philosophy

Balance is the secret behind any successful product and a good wine is no exception.

Tradition, evolving techniques, skills and agronomic knowledge are all key elements that combine to then arrive in the bottle first and then in the glass.

All our choices are based on the concept of conscious craftsmanship. Thanks to the experience gained over time and the awareness of what each choice entails, we aim to obtain an excellent product, without resorting to sophisticated processes, using tradition as a starting point from which to create a unique wine.

We have chosen to vinify our vines in purity because we strongly believe in our territory and in respecting the characteristics of the individual varieties. Each wine thus obtained expresses its origin to the fullest, narrating its territoriality and the unique characteristics that define it.

craftsmanship conscious

From grape to bottle: how the wine of Cantina Bettalunga is born.