the brand

We are very attached to our territory of origin, from where everything we love and produce comes to life.

For this reason, our logo recalls, recalls and redesigns the bell tower of Castello delle Forme, the hamlet a few kilometers from Perugia, where the winery and cellar reside: the circle recalls the clock, the square recalls a painting placed in the middle of its tower and finally the arch redraws the underlying passage.

The company’s labels have a background with sketches and abstract symbols that Alessandro Lanterna drew on an adhesive memo during a long and demanding phone call during the harvest period: in those frenetic days all the moments of the year spent reflecting come back to mind, making mistakes, predicting, improving, but above all hoping that by tasting future wines you can savor all the feelings and passion that produced them.
We still keep that post-it.

the importance of our roots

From grape to bottle: how the wine of Cantina Bettalunga is born.