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The winery rises next to the headquarters. It was created converting an old warehouse, in compliance with all the hygiene and food processing standards. The winery is only a few hundreds of metres away from the vineyards, which means that the raw material can be processed immediately, avoiding unwanted oxidative processes. From a structural and technical point of view, there is nothing too complex, because I believe that the oenological craft does not require complicated practices. Just simple guidance in alcohol fermentation and must/wine temperature control in the various production stages. Nothing else.
Regardless of the type of wine they will be used to make, all grapes are hand-picked and placed in crates with a capacity of no more than 15 kg, so as to ensure they reach the winery intact.


My philosophy is simple: respecting the distinctive features of every single vine variety in this hilly area and producing wines with a perfect balance without resorting to invasive grape processing solutions.
The raw material and its perfect maturation are extremely important for me because it’s the fruit that creates the basis for the subsequent evolution. And I always try to bring as much fruit as I can in every bottle!

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