Our History

Cantina Bettalunga

Our estate

Cantina Bettalunga was established in 2015.
That was the year we created the winery and celebrated our first vintage (we had been growing vineyards since 2013). The period between those years was used to change and reorganise some of the aspects related to traditional viticulture and integrate them with modern measures, based on experience and the quality to be achieved.
As a winegrower and oenologist, I had the idea to start this project many years ago, mainly driven by my passion for this fascinating and complex world, my experience, and the pursuit of perfection.
But we don’t make just wine. We also produce grains and extra virgin olive oil.

Our Label

Our label features a square dotted with splashes and abstract symbols. The inspiration came from a post-it I once drew on during a long and challenging phone call during the vintage period. This is the period that encompasses all the moments throughout the year spent reflecting, thinking, making mistakes, guessing, and, more importantly, hoping that all this can be conveyed in our wines.


Our Logo

The Bettalunga logo is a tribute to our territory.

The Steeple of Castello delle Forme, the hamlet near Perugia where our winery and vineyards are, is symbolised by three graphic elements: a circle, which represents the clock; an arch, the passage underneath, and a square, a painting in the middle of the tower.

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