Truffle Exhibition, the winners of the winemaking competition!

Truffle Exhibition, the winners of the winemaking competition!

Truffle Exhibition, the winners of the winemaking competition!

Solidarity for earthquake hit Accumuli and Amatrice, Slow Food Umbria stations, and lots of truffle on the closing day of the White Truffle exhibition in Città di Castello

The 37th White Truffle Exhibition in Città di Castello is coming to an end. Five days of truffles, tastings, and cooking shows with famous cooks and chefs. “We want to draw the attention to the populations affected by the earthquake, which has struck again. To show our solidarity, we have arranged a fundraiser. Visitors can contribute in Largo Gildoni”, as the organisers – the Municipality and the Mountain Community – remind everyone.

The Wine Exhibition curated by Città di Castello’s AIS delegation was one of the most successful. On Sunday 30 October, the event hosted the final of the 5th Regional Winemaking Competition for the IGT category. The ranking rewarded the 2015 Povento white Trebbiano of Cantina Bettalunga, Castello delle Forme di Marsciano, the 2015 La Bisbetica’ Gamay rosé of Cantine Madrevite, Castiglion del Lago, and the 2011 Luce di Gemma red Merlot of Cantina Roberto Lepri, San Vetturino, Perugia.




“Excellent quality that demonstrates how the winemaking culture and entrepreneurship is growing in Umbria” said Tiziana Croci, head of Città di Castello’s AIS delegation, commenting the jury’s decision.

The closing day – Tuesday 1 November – will focus on cooking shows and a contest among the food bloggers at the event. Meet them at 11 at the Tastings and Cooking Show Area. At 16.30, same place, there will be “Truffles with Chef Manucci”. But the White Truffle Exhibition is so much more! There’s also “Il Profumo dell’Arte“ (The Scent of Art) a collective art exhibition by Riccardo Fiorucci, Franco Gaburri, Fabrizio Pruscini, and Carlo Paolo Granci at Palazzo Lignani Marchesani, in Corso Vittorio Emanuele; “L’Arte della Tradizione: Le Sigaraie” (The Art of Tradition: The Cigar Makers) curated by the Tobacco Science and History Museum under the portico of the Cassa di Risparmio. And by popular demand, the Museum Card for the entry to museums and town collections will be available for all visitors of the Exhibition.

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