the history


Bettalunga winery in Castello delle Forme

The history of our winery begins in Castello delle Forme, in the municipality of Marsciano, in 2015: this is the year in which the winemaking cellar was built. It is also the year of our first harvest, although the company had been following the vineyards since 2013.

Structurally and technically, the cellar is simple and reflects the idea of oenological craftsmanship: the only practices that take place there are the guidance of alcoholic fermentations and the control of the temperatures of the musts/wines.


It reflects the idea of oenological craftsmanship

The cellar was created by converting an old warehouse, in compliance with all regulations in terms of hygiene and food treatment.
The distance from the vineyards is a few hundred meters, so as to allow timely processing of the raw material and thus limiting any unwanted oxidative process.

Taste our wine: find out what we have in the cellar.