from the vineyard to the cellar

Manual and obsessive care in all stages of production: craftsmanship

To achieve the results we set ourselves, we know we have to proceed with care, precision and method, both in the vineyards and in the cellar, taking into consideration the impact on the environment, respecting the land and the plant to make it perfectly healthy and long-lived. according to the principles of organic farming.

Soil management

Immediately after the harvest, we work the land to allow water to penetrate and the consequent re-oxygenation.
Subsequently we move on to fertilization, which is done exclusively through the addition of organic matter. The practice of green manure, or sowing in the inter-rows of leguminous plants that have the ability to release nitrogen to the soil through the root system, helps to naturally increase soil fertility, improve its structure and permeability and is fundamental in integrated pest management promoting biodiversity and limiting the development of weeds.

Winter pruning

In the quiescent phase of the vine, winter pruning is carried out which determines the type of training and the productive capacity of the plant. This operation is entirely manual and requires skill and attention. In fact, in our vineyard there are different training systems based on the needs and potential of each individual variety.

Sprout selection

Once the vegetative activity has resumed, we proceed to select the best shoots, in order not to overload the plant and to guarantee vegetative and productive balance.
At this point, the perfect ripening of the bunches is expected.

Grape harvest

The grapes, regardless of the type of wine they are intended to produce, are harvested exclusively by hand and placed in boxes with a maximum capacity of 15 kg, in such a way as to guarantee the complete integrity of the grapes until they arrive in the cellar.

All checks, operations and laboratory analyzes are carried out directly by us: conscious craftsmanship.

Our vines

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