Bettalunga, conscious craftsmanship

winery and cellar in Perugia

Bettalunga winery in Castello delle Forme

The history of our winery begins in Castello delle Forme, in the municipality of Marsciano, in 2015: this is the year in which the winemaking cellar was built. It is also the year of our first harvest, although the company had been following the vineyards since 2013.

Alessandro: winegrower and oenologist, heart and soul of the cellar

The passion that Alessandro has always had for this fascinating and complex world drives him every day to try to always improve through study and direct experience.

Bettalunga wines…

conscious craftsmanship

Balance is the secret behind any successful product and a good wine is no exception.

All our choices are based on the concept of conscious craftsmanship. Thanks to the experience gained over time and the awareness of what each choice entails, we aim to obtain an excellent product, without resorting to sophisticated processes, using tradition as a starting point from which to create a unique wine.